What Makes a Good Suit?

Feb 6th 2018

Something happens when you put on a stylish, well-made suit. You feel energized, confident — ready to take on the world. And whether you’re wearing that suit for an interview, an internship, a wedding or some other special event, you want to make sure that it’s not only great-looking, but also comfortable enough for you to relax in.

Here’s what to consider when choosing a suit:

The fit. A well-fitting suit follows your body’s contour to make you look your best. The sleeves should fall naturally forward and follow the line of your arm so that you can move comfortably and have a full range of motion. When the top button of your pants is fastened, you shouldn’t feel restricted or have a crease at your waist. Your pants should be slightly snug around your waist, even though you’ll be adding a belt to complete your look.

The fabric. Your suit should be made of a breathable fabric that resists wrinkles and maintains its shape. If it’s lined, the lining should be nicely tailored at the hem and smooth so that your arms slide easily in and out of the sleeves.

The construction. Lapels should be neat but roll gently rather than looking pasted against your chest. Stitching and seams should be strong and uniform. Pockets should lay flat. Buttons should be easy to fasten and unfasten, and buttonholes finished with no loose ends or fraying edges.

Beyond all of this, though, you will know your ideal suit by how you feel when you put it on. If words like “self-assured,” “powerful” or even “invincible” come to mind, you’ve found your suit!