Tying Your Tie

Mar 29th 2018

Heading to a job interview, internship or a special occasion? Make a good first impression with a necktie knot that looks professional. If you’re not sure how to properly tie your tie, below we outline simple step-by-step tying instructions and a video to assist. 

1. Hang the tie over your neck. You'll want the fat side about twice as long as the narrow end.

2. Take the fat side, loop it over the narrow side.

3. Do it again.

4. Loop the fat end behind the new knot at your neck. Then take the tip and slide it through the hole you've created at the neck.

5. Pull the fat end to tighten the tie, but leave a little slack.

6. To add a dimple, put your index finger just under the loosely tied knot.

7. Tighten the tie.

Source: https://www.gq.com/story/how-to-tie-a-tie-the-right-way-gq-guide